I Am Only One

This page is a brief intro to me. The title of the page comes from a quote by Helen Keller that I came across a number of years ago. I would like to think that the course of my life has been such.

 “I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

I am, at heart, a Chicagoan. I was raised and received all of my education in Chicago: St. John Berchmans Elementary School, Alvernia High School, Northeastern Illinois University (undergraduate), and Spertus College (graduate). For 36 years, I was a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools. I retired from the North Kenwood/Oakland Charter School. Although I worked with all grade levels from Kdg. through 8th grade, most of my career was with middle school students (6-8). The majority of my career was spent teaching science although I have taught all subjects.

Through many years of my career I had a professional relationship with the Northwestern University. Upon my retirement, I spent five years working at the University as a curriculum developer for a middle school science curriculum. During my working career I was also an adjunct (part time) professor for teacher interns at North Park University, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago. I currently continue that type of work with Michigan State University interns who serve their internship year in Chicago.

I have two daughters and seven grandchildren who light my life. This past year my family expanded when my grandson, Ryne, married his Stephanie in September.  Next August it will expand again with the birth of my first “great grandchild” (Whew, I have to think about that!)  Ryne will finish his degree in June, Raven is taking a term off from college, and Louie, who spent last summer in Spain as part of the IU program has been accepted to Loyola and Roosevelt and is leaning towards Loyola. Justin is thinking about Culinary School. Jeremy, Ryleigh, and Branden are doing very well in school. They live in Virginia and the school system there seems excellent.  I also have two Papillon dogs who generally drive me nuts. (Or nuttier, as the case may be).

Following retirement, I moved to Schererville, Indiana.  It is here that I have found  support groups for my writing. When I was working, I always wanted to be able to write creatively for myself. During my career I had done quite a bit of professional writing: co-authored research papers, articles for professional magazines, and even a chapter in a book. I yearned for a time when I could write in other genre. Specifically, I hoped to write for children. (a December 3, 2013 blog explains why I write).

That’s me and I hope I am doing what I can do.

Judith Lachance-Whitcomb

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