P.O.P.P. 2014

Poetry Garden_3


If you dare to go,
Where unbearable stenches lurk,
You’ll find horrific things
That are very berserk.

It’s the place where my sister
Was lost for a week,
The place where my mother
Took one sniff and felt weak.

There’s toilet paper,
Socks and who-knows-what galore!
I wonder what else
You might find on the floor?

If I were
to take one little peek,
I probably faint
But after screeching, “EEK!”

There go my brothers
Right to their lair,
I  ask what they’re doingh
And they’re cleaning up there.

Abigail Edwards
4th Grade Jerry Ross School
1st Place Regional


It’s not fun to have someone lost
It’s like there’s a missing part of your heart
Now you can’t see them

It’s not fun to talk about
You can’t be sad all the time
Even though they are not here

When I found out I cried
I couldn’t say good bye
Every time I think of him
A tear comes to my eye

Seeing him gone is a nightmare
Since they are gone now
You can never forget about the memories you shared.

Elaine Beatty
5th Grade Solon Robinson Elementary School
2nd Place Tie Regional



Strong, powerful
Running, hiding, watching
Strongest bears
Sleeping, growling, cuddling
White, cold
Polar bears

Bailey VanDenburgh
5th Grade Lake Street Elementary  2nd Place Tie & Art award

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