2013 P.O.P.P.

PoPP Collage CP 2013-01


MORE THAN A DREAM (2013 4th Grade 1st Place Winner)

by Juliette Mehok
Dwight D. Eisenhower Elementary School – Crown Point, Indiana

You treat me like a slave
you keep me locked up in a cage,

is a new day
and I will make that change.

Just because I am a different shade,
does not mean you can treat me
in a different way.
You should treat me in the same way,
with respect,
and trust.

Today is a

and I will make that change,
because I have a


LOOK AT THE RAIN (2013 4th Grade Second Place Tie Winner)

by  Adama Bouyer
Daniel Hale Williams Elementary School – Gary, Indiana

Look at it rain

On the window pane.

Look at it splash

On the roof’s mustache.

Look at it pour

On the fields’ brown floor

IDITATROD MIRACLE (2013 5th Grade First Place Tie Winner)

Skyler Ernst
Timothy Ball Elementary School – Crown Point, Indiana

Paws pounding on the ground,

As I run ‘round and ‘round.

Freezing wind stings my eyes,

But I desire the first place prize.

My musher calls me to go quick,

As I lead the team in this new trick.

Snowflakes fall upon my nose,

And clump between my shivering toes.

The finish line is coming up fast,

I’m so happy that this day could last.

Hooray, hooray, we won in the first place,

I knew we’d win the Iditarod race.




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